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This is the second article in a 5-part series highlighting Vantage’s 2015 hiring trends and 2016 predictions. Over the next few weeks, more articles will be posted. Sign up for our newsletter to receive new article alerts, on the right.


* Engineering VP placements up 50% YoY
VP Engineering was the most commonly recruited position for Vantage during 2015, followed by VP Infrastructure, VP Software Engineering and Head of Software.

According to Heather Broome, Managing Partner at Vantage, skill sets and experience are just two of three critical elements in finding the right engineering executives for high-growth, disruptive companies.



Companies are not only focusing on a candidate’s track record but also by the number of engineers that they can bring with them to the new team. Hiring engineers in this market is exceptionally difficult and great engineering leaders who have built a loyal following have a leg up. The ability to quickly build a high performing team to execute to plan is critical to success.

  • Heather Broome
    Heather Broome
    Managing Director
Heather Broome
Managing Director

Managing Director

Heather Broome

This was the case when Vantage helped place Tim Armandpour as VP of Engineering at Pagerduty. Tim had a track record of building loyal teams that would follow him from one company to the next. Broome explains that Pagerduty was wise with their selection as Armandpour lured numerous engineers over the following months. He’s a great recruiter in his own right.

2015 Emerging Executive: Design

Designers became the hottest position to hire in 2015, and commonly was an extension within the product team. Vantage saw a 60% growth in design placements from 2014 to 2015.


We’ve seen in-sourcing and out-sourcing talent shifts within technology brands. Creative marketing roles within large technology companies, which were once in-house, are now being pushed out to marketing and advertising agencies. Meanwhile, smaller companies are bringing product design and user experience UI/UX experience in-house.

  • Richard A. Lear
    Richard A. Lear
    Managing Partner
Richard A. Lear
Managing Partner

Managing Partner

Rich Lear
Vantage placed design executives at the Senior Director level to the Creative Director/ VP. Some of Vantage’s clients used Vantage to place multiple levels comprising of an entire design team within their organization. Specialties such as motion, user experience (UX), and advertising were designated within the lower roles.


* Data based on 2015 and 2014 annual counts on closed and placed positions by Vantage Partners. All data points used within the chart graphics are simplified and rounded to represent the proper growth rate. Actual placement counts are not released. If you have any questions, please contact us.


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