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Executive Hiring Tips—Part 1: Building a Hiring Platform

Creating a hiring platform ensures consistent experiences with candidates and employees

  1. hiring talent strategy and process
  2. outbound message and positioning
  3. talent success factor evaluation

…which saves money and time when used repeatedly.

For hiring talent strategy and process, don’t be role specific – build a plan from an organizational perspective, and focus your attention on the 12 month business objectives. Communicate the strategy and process to all stakeholders in the decision making process, and strive for fast communications and decisions.

Equally important is the outbound message and positioning. A great way to test your branding and go-to-market strategy’s attractiveness is if it attracts top executive talent. When conducting your outreach or interviewing candidates, ask for feedback and take note of the candidate’s perspective and background. It’s a free focus group activity, and they will let you know fi your messaging is on point.
If the position or messaging is stale, you won’t attract talent or worse, your competitors will use it as a sign of weakness.

The executive role should be evaluated on internally driven factors, and external conditions. Be realistic on what the hire will cost, and if it’s a needle moving decision.

Steve O’Deegan is Managing Director of Vantage Partners, a leading retained executive search firm in the Bay Area. He can be reached via email at [email protected] or by phone (408) 656-7079. Visit Vantage Partners at www.vantagesf.wpengine.com