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Executive Hiring Tips—Part 2: Before Starting the Recruitment Process

Getting a 360-degree view uncovers important talent matching qualities

  1. What is your innovation, customer and talent market condition?
  2. How is your company perceived in these categories?
  3. What are the compelling business objectives that would intrigue a candidate?
  4. What characteristics define your corporate culture?
  5. What is your company’s organizational structure and landscape?

Then, qualify the candidate based on qualities and ambition in addition to experience.

If your company is in a hot or emerging market, identify the demand-building source and leverage it in your situational positioning. Being honest about your company’s industry position is very appealing to candidates and ensures you attract the right caliber matches that your company needs.

Your business objectives may not be well understood from the outside. Consider sharing a 2- year plan that allows compatibility testing with candidates.

Next, every company has a unique culture and being cognizant to it and communicating it will ensure there’s a match and immediate benefit.

Finally, sharing an organizational landscape which supports your business objectives presents a well planned company. Often in a recruiting situation, the organizational landscape can be a strong selling point to candidates.

Steve O’Deegan is Managing Director of Vantage Partners, a leading retained executive search firm in the Bay Area. He can be reached via email at [email protected] or by phone (408) 656-7079. Visit Vantage Partners at www.vantagesf.wpengine.com