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Part 5: “Rinse and Repeat” the Executive Hiring Cycle

Once you have a hiring platform in place, your time-to-hire and your margin of error will be greatly reduced. What’s the impact to your organization?

  1. An exceptional organization that can handle rapid growth is balanced.
  2. A focused hiring effort which is justified by business needs builds teamwork.
  3. Acknowledging the current staff’s contribution ensures a strong corporate culture.

The hard work with a hiring platform, especially for executive positions, is always in the beginning. Ensure that your entire team is aware of the significance of what they built together by highlighting the cause-and-effect.

Employees see imbalances and incongruencies within their companies regularly, and also understand that not everything can be fixed overnight. Being open and honest with employees about what’s next and reiterating the goal of achieving a balanced, staffed organization should be top priority. The ones who contributed time or thought into the hiring platform will have more pride in the results. They too won’t feel that decisions are being done around them and without them – which could counteract the positive impact of building a strong culture.

Recognition for employee contributions to the hiring process is essential. This can help to mitigate attrition during necessary leadership changes while maintaining your business momentum.
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