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Hire for Transformation: Don’t Just Try to Fill an Open Spot

Companies hire executives who are expected to drive the team and company to new heights. More often than not, however, when a key executive leaves, the company seeks to simply “fill an open spot.” As an experienced executive search firm in Silicon Valley, we’ve seen many organizations follow this pattern – but instead of simply “filling an open executive role”, hire for transformation. Why? If you’re at a pivotal point in the business and product roadmap, or if you’re poised for a high-growth phase, it’s even more critical to hire an executive who will transform your company and not just fill a seat at the table.

    • In competitive markets, you can’t afford to become stagnant. New competencies and expertise are required. If your organization is growing and developing at a fast pace, then the addition of new competencies is a prime requirement for seeking executive talent from outside your organization. With a business goal of transformation, when supported by executives that have been recruited from outside, versus the more traditional route of hiring within – you’ve got a formula for success.
    • Your organization needs a “game changer” to achieve market share growth. In times of high growth, new skills or even business models are at play. Adding someone to your executive team who can step up to these new challenges without preconceived notions of how something might have been done traditionally is invaluable.
    • The executive role needs invigoration. Bringing in outside talent re-energizes your team. A well-qualified and seasoned executive not only brings a new attitude, but he or she will also bring access to more strong talent.

The top reasons that drive an external search for executive roles are rooted in the need to bring in expertise and energy that will elevate the team to a new level. With these considerations in mind, there’s the added challenge when hiring from the outside of ensuring that the new executive is a match for the company culture and will integrate positively into your organization. The executive search process with an experienced partner provides support by ensuring that prime candidates have been carefully matched to your needs.

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