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Our clients lead, innovate, and drive market impact.

The Vantage team partners with innovators of prominent technology companies who require the most forward-thinking and creative leaders in the high-tech arena.


Since 2001, Vantage Partners has placed almost 1,000 executives in leading high-tech firms. Most clients use Vantage for multiple placements because Vantage understands the market conditions and the company’s strategy and can identify the right candidate that has the personality, ambition and experience.

Vantage services three High-Tech markets: Consumer & Internet, Enterprise SaaS, and Cloud & IT Infrastructure. 

Our clients solutions typically leverage these approaches as the source of their innovation: IoT, HealthTech, EdTech, Mobile, Social MediaFinTech, SaaS, AdTech, MarTech, Marketplaces/ eCommerce, Developer PlatformsSecurityOpen Source, and Big Data & Analytics.

Drill into each executive placement that Vantage has delivered by each sector.

Ad Technology Executive Placements

In 2016, eMarketer predicts that over $100 Billion will be spent in mobile ads. And, according to VentureBeat, AdTech company success “will be measured by its ability to scale, provide more scalable ad formats, provide better analytics and insights, and have a presence in all aspects of advertising (supply side, demand side, and ad integrations).”

Vantage Partners has been placing executives within this industry for over a decade and deeply understands the industry drive and needs which future leaders must possess to be successful in this rapidly developing mega-market.


Big Data and Analytics Executive Placements

A new forecast from International Data Corporation (IDC ) sees the big data technology and services market growing at  23% CAGR through 2019, with annual spending reaching $48.6 billion. Businesses are appreciating the advantages from big data, and have created a need for new and incumbent suppliers to design low cost and easy to leverage data ecosystem.

Vantage Partners has had the privilege to hire executives in the three major sub-markets – Infrastructure, Software, and Services, since the turn of the century. Vantage understands the business drivers and initiatives the industries are undergoing and knows how to find and hire the right executive. Big data and analytic clients include Pure Storage, Paxata, Mark Logic, SilverSprings Network, and Actian to name a few.

Consumer Technology Executive Placements
Consumer Technology will reach an all-tim high, reaching $287 Billion in revenues in 2016. This double digit growth prediction is not a surprise to the trend hunter, Consumer Technology Association (CTA), as aggressive competition, longer product replacement cycles and disruptive innovations are replacing legacy and outdated tech at a rapid rate.

Vantage Partners continues to find and recruit some of the highest-regarded leaders within ConsumerTech, and is pleased to have clients like Other Machine Co (OMC), BrightEdge, Dollar Shave Club (DSC), Sonos, and Tile, just to name a few.

Cyber Security Executive Placements


Cyber security is one of the highest in-demand markets as it’s needed for both personal and professional customers. the market size in 2015 was reported at $75 Billion, and is expected to grow to $170 Billion by 2020 by Gartner, lead by a tight focus on the global information security spend of $101Bn by 2018. Sadly, cyber attacks are costing businesses up to $500 billion a year, so all member companies within this category have an undeniable feat ahead to reduce that cost.

Vantage Partners has been placing executives at several cyber security companies over the past decade, including clients such as Centrify, Okta, Good, and Pertino.

Developer Platforms Executive Placements

Developer Platforms and Community Development are synonymous with collaboration, sharing and efficiency. New approaches have evolved to new standards which has improved the overall quality of software development in the recent decade.

Companies that have been leading the charge have been focused on convergence, transparency and rigorous analysis and data management. Vantage Partners is proud to have been servicing this industry by placing key executives and leaders in well-known companies such as GitHub, Chef, RedHat, MongoDB, and more.

Education Technology (EdTech) Executive Placements
Education Technology (Ed Tech) and Smart Classrooms market is expected to grow from $43 billion in 2015 to $93 Billion in 2020 according to Research and Markets. Although eduction budgets continue to experience control pressure, the education sector continues to receive more investment as funding jumped 55 % in 2014, according to CB Insights.

Vantage Partners has successfully worked placing executives within the EdTech space who understand the new approaches around skills measurement, alternative learning styles, online training and the new “flipped-learning tech” trend. Vantage has placed a range of executives at CoreSmart and Cornerstone, earning repeat placement work due to the quality of the candidates hired.

Financial Technology (FinTech) Executive Placements

As the FinTech market investments grew by over 65% YoY in 2015 and topped $20 billion in 2015 (according to KPMG), surpassing over 10,000 providers, so does the need for highly-skilled executive leaders to manage and drive this truly rapid growth rate.

Vantage Partners has placed several leading executives within many FinTech companies over the last decade. Vantage understands the qualities and experience FinTech companies seek, and can identify the acumen and skill sets that each client seeks. Vantage clients include JemStep, Aria, and Intapp, ranging in roles from Product, Marketing, HR, and Customer Success.

Health Technology (HealthTech) Executive Placements

As investors piled into digital health tech startups in 2015,  CNBC calculated that more than $2 billion was invested during the first half of 2015, while successful IPOs from companies like Evolvent Health, FitBit, inVitae, MindBody and Teladoc solidified the market prominence.

Additionally, CIO.com discovered that over $28 billion was spent on implementing health information technology in 2015, and yet the space is still very under-developed with interoperability, security, and data accessibility.

Vantage Partners has been a part of the Healthcare IT, EHR, and analytics landscape for many years, placing innovators who have improved the system and created new standards across multiple disciplines.

Internet of Things (IoT) Executive Placements

By 2020, Gartner predicts that the Internet of Things (IoT) will include 26 billion units installed and that IoT product and service suppliers will generate incremental revenue exceeding $300 billion. Natrually, businesses from all verticals see IoT opportunities ahead.

Vantage Partners has been working with leading IoT companies for several years, placing high-profile executives who embrace open standards, big data and analytics, in addition to communications and interoperability. Vantage has worked with clients such as Lyve, SilverSpring, Tile and Sonos to name a few.


Marketing Technology (MarTech) Executive Placements


Spending on Marketing Technology (MarTech) is planned to hit $32 Billion by 2018. According to Walker Sands, there were around 1,900 martech companies across 43 different categories at the beginning of 2015. Between mergers, acquisitions and general spending on MarTech platforms, demand for these technological solutions are at an unprecedented rate.

Vantage Partners is relied as the executive recruitment source for some of the strongest companies within the MarTech sector. Vantage has fulfilled key executive roles that have driven business and innovation change within companies like Zephr, Marketo, and NetBase to name a few.


Marketplaces and eCommerce Executive Placements

Forrester predicts that US consumers will spend $327 Billion in 2016, online. The impact of mobile shopping is undeniable, and now traditional bricks-and-mortar as well as legacy e-commerce sites are being usurped by marketplaces which is replacing structured channel platforms.

As one of the founding markets that Vantage Partners has serviced since the inception of the firm, eCommerce and Marketplaces companies require a very keen executive who understands behavior, transactions, and big data. Vantage is proud of the clients that we have served, including Dollar Shave Club (DSC), Hired, ShopRunner, LiquidSpace, and more.

Mobile Executive Placements

In 2016, we’re shifting to a mobile only world. Smartphone penetration is rising to almost 100% among youngsters and people now spend 158 minutes every day on their smartphones. Most likely,  you are reading about this market on your mobile device now.

As the multi-channel mobile strategy including communication, productivity, advertising and networking continues to grow at unprecedented rates, so does Vantage Partners mobile company client base. We are honored to serve companies that are are the forefront of mobile platform innovation, including Swrve, Seek Thermal, Tango, Okta, and more.

Open Source (OSS) Executive Placements
 Fortune magazine predicts that the open source software is eating the world and that CIOs are adopting the open-source, software-first approach, but it’s in a huge shift right now around monetization models.

The democratization of software continues to be a viable market with outstanding collaborative innovations, and Vantage Partners prides themselves on our well-known clients that we’ve placed executives within. These clients include GitHub, WikiMedia, MongoDB and more.

Software as a Service (SaaS) Executive Placements
Software as a Service (SaaS) or also known as Cloud Computing, was the market disruption at the turn-of-the-century, and now it’s the expected platform for today’s enterprise and mobile applications. Executives in this space understand scalability, uptime, and cost management. The global SaaS industry, expected to hit over $100 Billion with a growth rate of 21% YoY by Goldman Sachs, remaining at the epicenter of enterprise IT.

Vantage Partners has been servicing the SaaS innovators for over 15 years, and has been placing executives that have lead the adoption and now standardization of this technology approach, for clients like Egnyte, NetBase, RocketFuel, and Coupa.

Social Network Executive Placements
Social Network (or Social Media ) industry is a defining phenomena of the human evolution, where the world can now socialize regardless of location. Statistica mapped that the worldwide users will approach 2.5 billion by 2018, where over 70 percent of the population had a social networking profile.

Social network ad spend expected to hit $35 Billion in 2017, representing 16% of the global online ad spend, according to eMarketer.

Vantage Partners has been placing executives for some public traded and late-stage private equity social networking companies such as Badoo, SocialText, Tagged, and Simply Measured, for many years now. We pride ourselves for understanding the market trends and our client needs.