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Actian’s organization growth vision creates forward-thinking market

San Mateo, California – In partnership with Actian Corporation (formerly Ingres), Vantage Partners announces the successful completion of the build-out of Actian’s leadership team designed to align with the company’s long-term business growth expectations. The company’s expected growth led Actian’s strategy into unprecedented areas, which required company-wide re-alignment and new leadership. Instead of outsourcing to numerous vendors for talent acquisition, Actian sought a single recruitment partner to be tightly aligned with their strategy. The partnership between Vantage Partners and Actian leveraged economies of scale in recruitment services and a controlled message to the public during times of rapid change and growth.

The expansion of the executive team, completed by Vantage Partners, enables Actian to realign the business with the new Vectorwise product launch and cloud computing business strategies. Once new leadership was established at Actian, Vantage Partners continued to drive company leadership growth with key placements in marketing, sales and engineering team. Over a period of 18 months, thirteen critical searches were completed, each in record-time including CTO & SVP Engineering, General Manager, SVP Cloud Action Platform, VP Corporate Marketing, VP Sales and other director-level and significant architect and engineering roles.

Based in Redwood City, CA, and competing in an $8B Business Intelligence market, Actian enables organizations to transform big data into business value with data management solutions to transact, analyze, and take automated action across their business operations. Actian helps over 10,000 customers worldwide take action on their big data with Action Apps, Vectorwise, and Ingres.

“Since the launch of Actian and Vectorwise, Actian has worked with Steve O’Deegan and Tom Callahan at Vantage Partners with great success. They identified what was important for us to do internally and externally to ensure recruitment success by getting us on a proven hiring plan. Our company growth and changes with the new product line and new organization was impressively completed with the help of the Vantage Partners’ team.” — Diane M. Rigatuso, Senior Director, Human Resources, Actian Corporations

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