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Vantage Partners completes 2nd executive search for key role at the leading real-time marketplace for flexible workspaces funded by Greylock Partners, Floodgate Fund and Shasta Ventures

San Mateo, California (2013) – Vantage Partners, a leading boutique, executive search firm based in the Bay Area, is pleased to announce the completion of the Vice President of Sales search for LiquidSpace, an internet startup company spearheading the “consumerization of real estate” concept, funded by Greylock Partners, Floodgate Fund, Shasta Ventures with strategic investments from Steelcase and CBRE. Jeff Johnson joins LiquidSpace as the Vice President of Sales most recently from Attensity where he was the SVP & Chief Revenue Officer bringing over 18 years of sales and business leadership experience at market-leading companies in enterprise software, web applications, SaaS and analytics.

At LiquidSpace, in the role as the Vice President of Sales, Jeff and his team are chartered with driving global sales and operations to enterprises transforming their approach to providing a productive workplace for employees and partners. LiquidSpace required an exceptional sales leader who could bring the company forward significantly in this new and dynamic marketplace. Jeff’s deep experience and successful track record as a sales leader from market-leading companies will enable LiquidSpace to execute their enterprise sales goals flawlessly.

As Managing Directors at Vantage Partners, Mark Hubbell and Irene Murphy delivered an exceptional and expeditious process that allowed LiquidSpace to close the search with their top candidate in less than 60 days. “I was first introduced to Vantage by our investors to assist with the critical search for our VP Marketing. Mark Hubbell and Irene Murphy were able to quickly grok the essence of our business and the critical nuances of our company’s culture. In short order we had an exceptional panel of world class candidates,” aid Mark Gilbreath, CEO & Founder of LiquidSpace. “We ultimately closed our number one choice, Lauren Pattison, and couldn’t be more thrilled with the hire or the Vantage process. Six months later we were ready to run the process again, to bring aboard a stellar VP Sales. Re-enlisting Vantage was a no-brainer and they again crushed it for us with our top candidate, Jeff Johnson, joining our growing team.”

As a partner to high-growth software and internet companies, Vantage Partners works in collaboration with executive management teams to complete searches for key executive level stakeholder roles at the C-level and at the VP and SVP-level in Engineering, Products, Marketing, Operations and Sales.

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