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As part of the Silicon Valleys Global Entrepreneurship Summit, 30 companies have committed to including more inclusive technology hiring practices as part of the Tech-Inclusion initiative.
The companies are pledging to taking the following actions:
  • Implement and publish company-specific goals to recruit, retain, and advance diverse technology talent, and operationalize concrete measures to create and sustain an inclusive culture.
  • Annually publish data and progress metrics on the diversity of our technology workforce across functional areas and seniority levels.
  • Invest in partnerships to build a diverse pipeline of technology talent to increase our ability to recognize, develop and support talent from all backgrounds.
Companies that are participating in the program include: 500px, Airbnb, Arimo, Box, BrightBytes, Clarifai, Color Genomics, DataSift, Distil Networks, Drillinginfo, ezCater, Gainsight, GitHub, GoDaddy, Illuminate Education, Intel, Intrinsic, Lyft, Medium, Moz, Nootrobox, Pinterest, Return Path, SAP, SkyTap, Spotify, TeamSnap, Turnitin, UnifyID, Unitrends, VMWare, ZestFinance, and Zynga.