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Vantage Partners shares insights about executive recruitment, team building and retention based upon actual experiences.


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Common Marketing and HR Executive Qualities: Recruit, Retain, Engage

This is the third article in a 5-part series highlighting Vantage’s 2015 hiring trends and 2016 predictions. 2014 was a banner year for hiring executives in product, engineering, marketing, and sales. Consequently, in 2015 we saw a focus on retaining the sophomore executives that leaders worked so hard to recruit, while bolstering the quality of the workplace and brand.

2015 VP Engineering and Design Recruitment Recap

This is the second article in a 5-part series highlighting Vantage’s 2015 hiring trends and 2016 predictions. VP Engineering was the most commonly recruited position for Vantage during 2015, followed by VP Infrastructure, VP Software Engineering and Head of Software. Vantage placed design executives at the Senior Director level to the Creative Director/ VP. Some of Vantage’s clients used Vantage to place multiple levels comprising of an entire design team within their organization. Specialties such as motion, user experience (UX), and advertising were designated within the lower roles.

2015 Executive: Intelligence Driven and Interaction Savvy

Gartner predicted that “the advent of intelligence everywhere and the technology impact of the digital business shift” would be two of the top strategic tech trends for 2015. At Vantage, we saw executive hiring reflect both trends. Just as Deep Learning is rampant across all technology verticals, we’ve seen a similar demand in hiring executives.

Dual-Principal Model Search Approach

To land top talent, an effective executive search team recognizes that every touch point is critical to a client’s success. Vantage Partners utilizes two search execution models: the leveraged model and the dual-principal approach to actively recruit high-level candidates.

Secrets to Recruiting a Rock Star Sales VP

It takes outside leadership and strategic preparation to approach and attract the best sales executives. An experienced, executive search recruiter is the invaluable bridge between the candidate and CEO.

Top 3 Qualities Market Leaders Seek When Hiring Executives

Building a team of talented executives is critical to a company’s success. Certain qualities stand apart from the rest that contribute to the lasting success of that executive and company. We reveal the top three qualities that the most successful executive hires share.

Hire for Transformation…Not Just Replacement

It’s critical to hire an executive who will transform your company and not just fill an open seat at the table. With a business goal of transformation—when supported by executives that have been recruited from outside versus the more traditional route of hiring within—you’ve got a formula for success.

Reset Your Executive Hiring Strategy: 3 Keys to Success

Hiring the right executive for a leadership team is the single most important activity for a high-growth company. Landing the top executive who completes the perfect mix of people working for your company sets you apart from the rest. Find out the three most important ways an executive search guide can help you attract and retain top executive talent.

Executive Hiring Tips—Part 1: Building a Hiring Platform

Creating a hiring platform ensures consistent experiences with candidates and employees. An effective plan should include: hiring talent strategy and process, outbound message and positioning, and a talent success factor evaluation. Find out how this platform can save your company money and time.

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